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To promote Integrated Rural Energy Programme (IREP), in the year 1989-90, the Planning Commission had sanctioned total five regional IREP Training Cum R &D Centres one each at Bakoli ( Delhi), Chinhat (Lucknow), Amrol (Anand) , Jakkur (Banglore) & Shillong (Meghalaya) with the main objective of providing valuable infrastructure for carrying out training programmes for rural energy and renewable energy not only for the respective States but also for neighbouring States. Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Rural Energy and Development (MGIRED) Bangalore was established with the financial support of Government of India , on 50% sharing basis with State Govt. as a joint venture of Central & State Govt. with basic objective to provide overall direction & guidance for Integrated Rural Energy Programme, to ensure balanced growth with positive environmental impact , develop requisite trained man power, ensure learning from mistakes & build on strength of the various experiences in the country as well as to get various information, tried & proven, hardware and software in terms of Planning, Implementation and management methodology etc . The Institute serves as a training centre on rural energy for the 4 states of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Kerala and also one Union Territory of Pondichery. The training programmes are being conducted at MGIRED, Bangalore since 2001.

MGIRED like any dynamic institutions, functions around its Vision, continuously refining, renewing, realigning and revisiting its goals and objectives. Over a decade of its existence, it has tried to fulfill its objectives by offering a mix of different activities in the areas of awareness creation, training, research and consultancy related to rural energy and climate change mitigation issues. Its clientele include a cross section of people such as officials of Panchayat Raj Institutions at different levels, Elected representatives, farmers, students of schools and colleges, NGOs, bank officials, officials of relevant departments etc.

Our Vision

    To be a lead center of excellence in providing education, training, sharing knowledge, conducting research, and providing policy advisory and establish a unique identity for the development of high quality human and knowledge resource in diverse areas of new and renewable sources of energy, energy conservation, natural resources conservation, environment protection and development for rural areas through developing and implementing state-of-the-art training and capacity building programmes in partnership with national and international stakeholders for the benefit of the people of Karnataka and the rest of the South Indian states with special emphasis on the marginalized and disadvantaged sections of the society and neglected regions.

Our Mission

    As an institution built on principles of intellectual excellence, we are committed to providing high-quality, nationally competitive education, research, demonstrations, evaluation in the sector of new and renewable energy, energy conservation, natural resource conservation, environment protection, rural development and related subjects founded on high academic standards, cutting-edge research, public engagement and productive partnerships with leading institutions in the State and the country.
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